About Us



Evan Litchfield, Owner & Founder, Pre|Post Fitness and Wellness

First off, here's a little about my experience and certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
    • CPT
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist or (CES)
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • Egoscue Institute – Posture Alignment Specialist or (PAS)
  • Function First Pain-Free Movement Specialist
  • DotFit certified (local but internationally acclaimed nutrition company)
  • TRX certified


Hi I’m Evan Litchfield, “I started Pre|Post with office workers in mind. I worked in an office and heard all the complaints, pain, overweight, weak, fragile, and people couldn’t do the things they used to do but felt stuck because of their lack of time and motivation and direction. After leaving the office job I got my certification as a Personal Trainer through NASM thinking I was going to help people lose weight, but most of the clients I received had so many limitations due to their aches and pains that they couldn’t stay as active as they wanted. I went the corrective exercise route but it wasn’t enough, so I went further in my search to help people get out of pain and into fitness. I found The Egoscue Method and immediately started getting good feedback from clientele. By getting rid of the pain, clients can look forward to goals they didn’t think were possible anymore, weightloss, muscle gain, mobility, and easier daily activities.”

“The Egoscue Method looks at the entire body because the site of the pain is rarely the cause of the pain. By looking at the entire body we are able to address the real cause by going to the source and not only mitigating the pain but making sure you can learn how to keep it away. For 2 years I have been helping clients get out of all different kinds of pain, from a stiff neck they woke up with to plantar fasciitis, to conditions more severe like back pain and sciatica. If we cannot help you we will assist you in finding the right person who can.”

“The Pre|Post Fitness and Wellness location serves the Conejo Valley, but with the ability to analyze photographs using our posture analysis software we can serve anyone through our online training whether it be through email or Zoom.”