Posture exercises for pain

Posture Therapy Exercise Workshop

March 26, 2020 6pm - March 26, 2020 7pm

Want to be free of back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain? Come to Pre-Post for Posture Therapy! What is posture therapy and who is it for? Let us provide the answer by showing you how it's done. Pre-Post Fitness and Wellness invites you to join us on Thursday March 26th at 6:00PM-7:00PM and learn why the San Fransisco 49ers and a UFC Champion have turned to a specific style of exercise to improve their performance and to prevent or rehabilitate their injuries. However, the Egoscue Method and other posture therapies using exercises and body weight were not developed initinally with professional athletes in mind. They were created to help the rest of us get rid of lower back pain and all the other common issues we encounter in life. By adding a few of these specialty exercises to your morning routine or your lunch break at work, you can live a pain free, drug free and surgery free life. So let's take the burden of pain out of your life and allow yourself to be pain free again. ---Egoscue Method is studied by Stanford University.

195 E. Hillcrest Dr., #114
Thousand, CA 91360