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posture deviation causes acute and chronic pain

Over the years, most of us will acquire some aches and pains from sitting in front of the computer, either working in the office or working form home. We all feel the tensions in the shoulders and neck, our upper and lower back, hips and knees. We cannot do the things we used to do, we work out less, we get easily hurt just by doing chores -carrying the groceries, holding the kids, or reaching down to the floor. We've hunched our back, we've got tech neck, we don't like how we feel or how we look. We are stiff and achy, we are afraid to move. Our muscles are weak, we get easily winded. We don't have energy or the strength like we used to. But we don't know how we can ever get back there, we accept, one more day, the status quo and an ever worsening posture.

But we don't have to. Life can be good and pain free. With Pre-Post's pain busting posture alignment therapy, muscle strengthening program we will make it possible for you to do all the the things that you used to do again. The posture therapy also corrects or prevents kyphosis, mitigate scoliosis, tech neck and much more...


Posture Therapy Live

Our Live Sessions provide individual attention to the client. With the trainer and client on camera, the trainer can not only personalize the exercises, but can also make changes to match the environment and equipment the client has in-home. Clients will get access to our application, and will receive changes weekly, on live zoom calls. As we do posture exercises our posture will change, and our routines will require changes to further our progress to becoming pain-free

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Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

We Teach the Best Way to Perform Everyday Tasks

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Posture Therapy

Personalized Therapy for Pain

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Office Work Posture

Uniquely Effective Posture Exercises for Office Workers

Your Lead Trainer Evan Litchfield

From Posture Alignment to Fitness and strength 

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Exercise in Office

Take a Break to Work out in Office

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Fit in Studio

Take a Fitness Class From a Studio via Zoom

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Virtual One-on-One

Via Zoom, Face Time Or Instagram Live

guidance and accountability

Therapy And Training Via Coaching APP

Our training application delivers workouts to your computer, phone or tablet. Clients will receive direction, assistance, and accountability through the APP. You will receive a workout of the day, complete with directions, videos and/or photos, to make sure you're performing the exercises correctly. Your trainer will be able to see when you complete the workout and will be available to answer questions. This also means your trainer will be able to see if you did not do your workout! and they will be in contact to make sure you're getting the most out of your program. Complete each program to move onto the next, as our bodies become more aligned we need exercises to match. Once you are pain-free, we offer workout regimens guidance and accountability for any goal you have, whether you are an athlete, want help losing weight or activity specific!

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Pain- Free from your PC 

Complete a quick questionnaire and submit photos to receive assistance with your pain in your inbox. Open the file on your computer, phone or tablet and begin training! Our exercises are unique to your posture and pain, to best align the entire body.

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