More Than I Ever Expected

I came to the Pre | Post Fitness and Wellness center with severe back and leg pain. The care I got from the wellness center proved to be much more than I ever expected.

Evan is a certified posture therapist, and in a couple of days he stabilized my pain using a series of movements and poses. He told me he used the “ Egoscue method” for the most part — although he has other methods that he’s certified for as well. He followed up with me over the weekend, and in the next few days I was able to be pain free. I was told that the pain will return if the posture cannot be maintained — which it did. Evan told me the exercises are meant to be done over a period of time until the pain goes away and doesn’t come back. The exercises he gave me changed as well and helped me exercise and work much easier than before. Then I was recommended to see their collaborating chiropractor to get adjusted.

I have to say Evan’s exercises are super specialized, and work really well in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, or by itself. But in my experience, the two working together provided phenomenal outcome. After each adjustment, I found it really helpful to perform the exercises Evan had assigned to me to strengthen the muscles that would keep everything in place. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of bad postures, and I realize that if I don’t address them now, there will be more and more problems as I age. So by working with Evan and Angela (the chiropractor), I am making steady progress towards a pain free and active life.

For now, without the constant pain, it just feels like a heavy weight has lifted off. I know that by working with Evan and the center, I will be pain free (and hopefully will be starting some fitness training too).

Glenn Evans

Great Experience

I came to Evan in Sept 2015 when I quit my job due to health reasons-heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine and almost constant anxiety. I had swollen joints and constant severe muscle pain. I could barely walk up and down the hill to get my mail or upstairs without resting on the stairs. My legs were heavy, I was constantly tired and out of breath. I didn’t know any other 40 year olds would not feel like this. After two months I knew that was not the way one was supposed to feel. After three months I lost 20 pounds, my migraine was gone, I could not only walk but also run, my swelling was gone, and my blood sugar was down. I looked like a different person. It was the first time I didn’t constantly anticipate the next pounding start anytime on my head and I didn’t’ have to consume 3 Advils every 4 hours for most of my days. I had thought I would not live for another 5 years, but the prospect had all of a sudden changed. I never heard of the word “personal training” and little had I known what it would do for me. In short, I am grateful Evan had chosen personal training as his career, because I believe that down the road there will be numerous lives waiting for him to change and save.

As far as pain which I have in my hips and knee, they are being addressed by Evan as well. The special exercises were able to get rid of my pain completely for a few days while I was able to do lifting besides his exercises, and I noticed everything is going in the right direction after a certain doctor dramatically worsened it.

Four years ago I never imagined I could drive from LA to SF and back in one day with no back or shoulder pain, work sixteen hour days like it’s no big deal, and go through my days with no heart palpitation and anxiety. Now I can take a full deep breath and feel the oxygen and not suffocation. I haven’t had a cold in four years. It is really an understatement to say what had happened was amazing.

Sonia Hua